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A 5 class pass expires 3 months after activation and is £60.00.

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What is included in a Hatha Yoga class?

Working towards a peak posture, exploring breath, asana, and meditation 

Temperature: Room temperature

Hatha yoga is all encompassing yoga. Exploring breath, asana (postures) and meditation.

The class begins with centring, then warm ups leading to a peak posture, finishing with counter poses and a longer than usual relaxation.

Hatha yoga is wonderful for beginners as there are static stretches and some dynamic movement.

Hatha yoga is a useful tool for more experienced practitioners to take their practice deeper.

Our Hatha yoga classes are 60 or 75 minutes.

Beside general Hatha, we offer Hatha Flow flowing between postures to a gradual peak posture and Gentle Hatha, a soothing and nurturing practice with slow co-ordination and breath.

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