Fresh approach to yoga with Cal Doherty

Cal let’s us know what to expect in his classes during the next few weeks and what he is currently working on.

Cal is entering lockdown 2.0 with a positive mindset and so can you!

Cal’s yoga classes are a fresh approach

My classes are fun and accessible to beginners as well as more experienced yogis!

I am a strong advocate for well-being and I promote working on your body and mind to function optimally as one.

I weave in a variety of styles into my classes including; flow, abs, breathwork and meditation. My new favourite past time is Qigong so I may even weave in some of this too😜.

My yoga teaching is designed to awaken your inner vitality.

The radiance and feeling from my classes is something more than just the buzz from your morning coffee or hit of a protein shake.

Cal’s Yoga studies

During lockdown I have focused my attention on studying more mindful moment and yoga. Honing in on my craft has enabled me to develop skills and insights which has recently changed my life. I am able to share this first hand experience with my students.

As a yoga teacher the learning never ends.

WHY bother with mindful moment?

For me, the benefits of yoga are:

  • Positive state of mind
  • Promote your own wellbeing
  • Enhance your inner peace
  • Have a sense of harmony with the body and mind
  • Heal yourself
  • Unlock your energetic potential
  • Flexibility of mind & body
  • Develop resilience to respond to challenges

But all these benefits are missing the point.

How Yoga has changed my life

Without awareness of the body and the breath — you simply don’t fully experience life.

You miss out on the life that is waiting for you. If only we fully step into the present moment. Mindful movement helps us cultivate an embodied presence. We wake up.

Fresh approach and fresh perspective

You come to see the world with a fresh perspective and it guides you to discover the unique contribution that is yours to make.

So, back to the question of WHY bother with mindful movement?

My answer: by healing the mind-body disconnect, which is the true art of Yoga; we play our part in something bigger.

Yoga and Transformation

In my heart I know it is possible to live in a more beautiful world.

I also know we have to make the required transformations; personally, socially, politically and ecologically.

By adding yoga of energy flow into my practice with richness, enjoyment and energy, I can make this transformation and hold the space for my students to do so as well.

What to expect from Cal’s classes in the future

I live and breathe all things embodiment. This passion shines through in my classes.

I see magic, wisdom and aliveness in working though the body. Embodiment is going to be an area I will specialise in the coming weeks and I am excited to share this with my students!

I believe in the power of embodiment to change the world – Cal.

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