Ilkley Yoga Tribe

If you have already experienced our classes everyone’s voice matters and every question is valid, it’s our Ilkley Yoga tribe.

And if you have come along for a good stretch you are going to get more for your money.

We would describe our classes as more of an experience than an exercise class.

With this in mind, we wanted to replicate this in our new website.

This website isn’t about us, although Susie’s bio is pretty good, it’s about our students. We hope you can already navigate to book a class a lot easier.

There is now a place on our website for teachers and students to share their yoga thoughts, knowledge and journey’s.

We have students already writing away in the background, but if you attend our classes and want to write something yoga related or share a yoga off the mat experience. Please email Roisin and she can give you more details.

And feel free to make a comments in the blog section on any posts.

Yoga Questions

Finally, if you have a burning yoga question email Susie and she will answer it in a holistic way to via the blog, as it may benefit others who come to class.

Welcome to the Ilkley Yoga Tribe!


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  1. I couldn’t imagine my life without yoga. For over 7 years I’ve been practising yoga with Susie and still continue to be astounded by the new content that Susie keeps adding to the classes. For me the classes are so much more than a few stretches. Yoga not only calms my body but it calms my mind one breath at a time.

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