Breath Pattern Optimisation in Yoga

Cal Doherty tells us how important breath pattern optimisation is in yoga and life.

Breath pattern optimisation uses the breath in a way to cultivate our energy to benefits us.

Embodiment practices, like yoga, uses the breath to connect us with the fundamental life energy that animates and shapes who we are.

The breath is vital in providing energy to detoxify the Mind-body System. Additionally, the quality of the breath is key to maintaining energy throughout the day. As well as the breathing pattern being crucial to self-regulate and stay healthy.

Why do we do this?

By regularly working on our breathing pattern optimisation in yoga this improves how we move in life.

This improvement is shown in moving in a more efficient way by enhancing the biomechanics of the breathing pattern.

In turn you will see benefits of reduced muscular-skeletal pain, reduced stress and anxiety.

As you are down regulating your nervous system from a stress response to rest and relaxation.

In addition there are a range of physiological, biochemical and systemic benefits. 

How do we do this?

During my classes I incorporate core and abdominals practices into an abs sequence with a focus on simultaneously optimising the breath.

My style of teaching is Forrest yoga inspired which has a therapeutic and energising effect. These abs squences are designed to help you circulate Chi (Prana) or Vital Energy throughout your Mind-Body system.

The importance of breath pattern optimisation

The care and attention we give to our breath matters.

Further benefits I have personally experienced by adopting breath pattern optimisation are:

  • Staying cool under pressure
  • Becoming less reactive
  • Becoming more in-tune with my internal resources
  • Responding to life’s challenges in a more resilient way
  • Being in the present moment
  • Feeling centred and grounded

Overtime by adopting breath pattern optimisation in yoga we experience a fuller life off the mat and now we truly FEEL ALIVE!

If you have any questions for Cal and his yoga offering contact him direct or read more about Cal’s Yoga Journey.

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