How can yoga apply to an ambitious career?

Susie discusses finding harmony with yoga, values and a corporate mind set.

My values through-out my life have changed but one has always remained a constant, LEARNING.

Looking back, I started my career with the mantra “my tastes are too expensive for me not to be successful”. With this mantra and my ambitious personality, I marched into a Chemistry degree at a top University. Where I was one of the only women on the course and the female toilets were a good 30 minute walk away from the lab.

After obtaining my PGCE with two young children, I moved then moving on to achieving my MBA. My final paper was re-written the night before because I didn’t save my work.

I think this begs the question: “What would I have done differently in these scenarios knowing what I know now about yoga?”.

My career progressed from male orientated board meetings within corporate companies to working with awesome technology start-ups in San Francisco and California.

Working with Spider, the US military and Apple was a pretty damn cool part of my life.

As a result, this corporate experience together with my yoga practice has escalated my objective to share yoga with professionals and academics.

In light of the above, my mission is to pass on my yoga knowledge to make your life more harmonious, with the notion that accepting constant change is ok.

To practice yoga with Susie or read more about how Susie can influence your work balance and yoga life.

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