Structural Yoga Therapy online

The Structural yoga therapy sessions are currently online.

Susie Dennis is a certified structural Yoga therapist.

This type of therapy is self-empowerment using yoga.

This results in improved health, happiness and well-being.

Strategies from the yogic tradition are applied to unlock a more balanced state.

Clients arrive at Structural Yoga Therapy after exhausting conventional avenues.

This type of therapy is also a prevention when you feel you are on a slippery slope.

What is the difference between yoga therapy and therapy?

  • It meets you where you are
  • Take responsibility for your well-being
  • Regular self-practice
  • Mind-body connection
  • Discuss your emotional and physical well-being.

Why choose Structural Yoga Therapy?

Structural Yoga Therapy can be used to help with a number of Mental Health Conditions. For instance; chronic stress, ADHD, depression, anxiety or restless legs syndrome.

How do you know Yoga therapy works?

US medical journals have documented positive psychological benefits. On the other hand, in the UK yoga is considered complimentary. Yet some local GP practices are using their own discretion to recommend yoga after seeing their own staff benefit.

What to expect?

The initial consultation is 60 minutes. After, the sessions are 75 minutes.

The sessions include supportive conversation which will then provide you with yoga tools to over-come lifes obstacles. You can also expect a personalised practice plan and meditation practices.

All sessions are strictly confidential.

However, if the mental health condition is beyond the therapist’s remit then an alternative therapy will be sought.

How much does a Structural Yoga therapy session cost?

Initial Consultation – Price £50.00

Therapy Session – Price £40.00

Please email to book a structural yoga therapy online to or make an enquiry.

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