What to do with Yoga Props?

Yoga props are not for the over-competitive or the vigorous yogi. These yogi’s are usually students who don’t want to appear weak and Roisin was once of of them.

Roisin’s primary practice is Ashtanga and props were just a NO and would tell the teacher to get off if they tried to adjust.

Here she is telling us about how to use block and how they can improve your practice.

Why am I covering this?

I have written this as teaching over zoom using props is hard. You can’t walk over to a student a place a block under their knee or necessarily spend the time talking though props in a mixed ability class.

So here is a refresh on how to use props in an effective way.

Stop trying so hard

Have you heard Susie say in “come out 30% and then back in the posture 15%” ? This is usually in a low lunge. This translates as stop trying so hard.

Stop trying as hard is the key to taking your practice further. Let the antagonist muscle do its thing and we can use yoga props to promote this.

In addition to the above, anatomically you simply may just need a prop to help you in postures.

I have stress induced kyphosis (curve at the top of the spine). This plays havoc with my yoga including a simple staff pose, but sitting on a block assists with straightening the spine in class.

Now you have bought your yoga props

So we have encouraged you to buy your own props rather than borrow from the studio for obvious reasons. They’ve arrived and instead of fluffing around figuring out what to do with them whilst you are in a class. Here are a few ideas.

This week we have covered yoga bricks.

Yoga Props – brick suggestions

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