Why do you want to be a yoga teacher?

When someone asks us “why do/ or did you want to be a yoga teacher?” the answer is more often than not ” to share my passion”. We are going to tell you what this means to us.

Hopefully by reading this you continue to pursue your yoga journey or or embark on the adventure of becoming a yoga teacher.

Between our team the reasons for becoming a yoga teacher is different but fundamentally it is the same. To share our passion.

Our passion is yoga but the experiences we have from yoga are all very personal.

These vary from emotions within a posture that trigger curiosity, a thunderbolt of intuition, a split second of being in the present moment to momentarily coming out of autopilot.

As a yoga teacher hours of class planning, thousands of pounds on courses, years of training and working on ourselves, all results in…

One split second of one student in one posture in one class experiencing something we have felt which enhances who we truly are.

That is sharing our passion.

Our recommendations to take your yoga journey further

We recommend the British Wheel of yoga foundation level 1 & 2 . Even level 1 would set you in good stead for teacher training.

From the foundation course progress on to the British Wheel of Yoga teacher training course or Forrest Yoga Teacher training. These are both great options we have experienced between us at Naturally Twisted Yoga.

Here is our advice

  • It’s expensive and takes time, consider the route you want to take carefully.
  • You will reflect and enjoy the knowledge long after finishing any yoga course.
  • It’s hard work (there are lots of assignments on some courses).
  • Don’t be attached to the outcome. Like starting yoga the reason you start may not be the results you expect.
  • Ensure you have a regular yoga practice already as it is a roller coaster of emotions.
  • Do see it as more than teaching. These courses will catapult you into the unknown with greatness.

Thank you to the influencers of this post.

These are not their own words but they have positively influenced this writing in some way.

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