Lockdown yoga to the new normal

Susie explains how using lockdown yoga we can stay curious and thrive in the new normal.

We have had a lot to deal with in 2020 already, a world pandemic, health issues, lock-down issues and financial issues.Moving out of the way of others being and mindful of social distancing. Finally and the hardest, not being able to go where we want, when we want.  

Now to re-join each other, at work, more so socially, again with a whole raft of rules, making sure we are respectful of others, as well as ourselves.  

Do not just get on with it

We can all exist, get on with it, pushing out any thoughts of being fed up, anxious, depressed, grieving for what has gone by, grieving for our hopes and dreams that are put on hold, or even those dreams dashed completely.

Using lockdown yoga to over come the obstacle of the ‘new’ normal

Through our practice of yoga we come to acceptance, we also have the practice of self-study. The practice of self-study, begins when we stand on the mat, in Tadasana, and notice how the body is after a particular practice, how the heart rate is, how the breath is. 

We observe ourselves.  At the start of our yoga journey, we may think this is a waste of time.  With practice, this becomes a key element of our beginning of self-awareness. 

We begin to become curious of this self-awareness in yoga

Curious as to why the previous posture has made our heart race.  Curious as to why we are reacting to the instructions giving in such a way. Curious at our own reaction to a change in a normal sequence we would perhaps practice.  

Lockdown yoga and the new normal

This may sound all very self-indulgent, purely focussing on ourselves in this way, and on a level it is. Taking this learning off the mat, we soon realise, that the practice of being curious about ourselves, and our own reactions, helps us to manage relationships more astutely. 

Instead of reacting immediately to a comment, or gesture from someone else, we check ourselves out, why did those words, someone else spoke, make our heart sing, or make our gut fall. 

As we observe these physical changes in our bodies, we learn to take note of them, not push them aside.  Become more curious about them, then react in an appropriate way that is beneficial to us, allowing us to thrive.  

Stay Curious about yourself, allow yourself to Thrive

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