Why do yoga?

There are lots of reasons to join a yoga class. What you get from yoga may not be the reason why you started classes.

“My doctor told me it would be good for me” or “I did yoga in my 20s and I want to do it again”

Join for ‘just a stretch’ if you are a runner.

Adopt the yoga breathing practices whilst you cycle 100 miles in a day.

Create space in the mind using yoga techniques during your working day.

or simply do yoga to do yoga, there are lots of benefits of starting yoga:

  • Calms the nervous system
  • Creates inner stillness
  • Improves flexibility
  • Strengthening your mind and body
  • Improves your general well-being

Yoga can be personal to you or it can be a social event you do with your friends before brunch on a Saturday.

The beauty of our classes is that you can take what you want from them and leave what you don’t like.

Roisin says the yoga classes she attends are “the same price as a cocktail but are better for you”.

The only intent of our classes is that you take one longer exhale in your daily life and you have then taken yoga off the mat and into your life.

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