Susie Dennis how did you start yoga?

Susie tells us how her yoga journey began.

Twenty-seven years ago after the birth of my daughter I started yoga because I wanted to get fit again. How naive of me to start yoga with this intention?

I did yoga to a Richard Freeman Ashtanga VHS and I could not ‘look lovingly at my big toe’ as I was in agony. As a result of this, the tape was promptly resigned to the attic.

Moving on a few years, I went along to an Ashtanga yoga class at my gym. Having remembered some of the Richard Freeman tape, the yoga bug bit me. I was determined to improve by practicing more and more.

My practice progressed and I found myself in trikoasana with tears streaming down my face. This caught me completely off-guard as I have an intellectual and practical mind set.

Following this pinnacle moment in class, I devoured books from yoga psychology to effects on breathing to discover what caused my emotions to release from the body?

To practice yoga with Susie or read more about Susie’s yoga journey.

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